Wild at Heart Feather Wreaths

Home is where this Heart is this Valentine’s Day. Express your love and fall head over heels with these handcrafted Wild at Heart Feather Wreaths. With several different ways to use feathers and feather products…the possibilities are endless! Be sure to also check out our past Valentine’s Day DIY tutorial here. Materials: Styrofoam Heart Ribbon … Continue reading Wild at Heart Feather Wreaths

Feather Easter Jars

Easter is hopping along pretty quick,  and what better way to get ready for it.  We have a cheerful simple DIY project for you. This will be the prefect Easter gift for  little your favorite bunny. Ribbon Felt Pipe Cleaners Candy 2 inch Small Styrofoam Ball (Head) Push Pins Pen Marabou Feather Boas (5-H18–CP, 5-H18–W, 5- H18–Y Head) Goose Satinettes (B206M–CAKEMIX Ears & Duck Tail) Peacock … Continue reading Feather Easter Jars

Holiday Feather Chandelier

Materials: 2 Stripped Goose Nagoire Feather Boas (5-NSB60) 6 Feather Floral Picks (FSGNPF2–W-OP) 1 Package of Natural Peacock Swords (B460-25–N) 1 Package Decorative Floral Twigs 24” Wire Wreath Frame 1 ½ “ White Ribbon Spool Clear Fishing Line 18GA Floral Wire Wire Cutters Product Skus: 5-NSB60 ($66.00) FSGNPF2–W-OP ($3.34 EA.) B460-25–N ($12.65 EA.) STEP 1. … Continue reading Holiday Feather Chandelier

Feather Top Painted Pumpkin

Make your pumpkin last longer this year with paint and decorative feather embellishments. We created a Feather Top Painted Pumpkin centerpiece that could be used for Halloween and Thanksgiving by using natural wheat stocks, dyed pussy willows, trimmed coque tails and dyed pheasant tail feathers. With just a few easy steps, you can turn any pumpkin … Continue reading Feather Top Painted Pumpkin